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Sparkydog are an American indie rock band from Florida. They have released 3 albums to date, as well as a number of singles on CMJ compilations. The band is primarily a studio band, although it has been known to play at the ocassional live show.

Discography & Album Downloads
One Bird A Day (A Compilation Of Songs By Sparkydog & Friends) (2008)

The One Bird A Day - A Compilation of Songs by Sparkydog & Friends is a current active project. We produced 12,000+ CD's for the 2008 SXSW Music & Media Conference, which ran from March 7th-16th, 2008, in Austin, Texas, USA. The CD's were given free to all of the SXSW music attendees. The hope is to raise awareness for Superorganica, as well as the contributing artists. This will be the first release by Superorganica. Additional CD's are being produced for distribution to the press & college/independent radio. The entire album is available for free download and remix.


I Am The Machines Vol. 1 (2004)


Album Tracks & Download

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Song Band Comments
machines they eat your wife sparkydog  
freaky sparkydog  
superman sunshine sparkydog  
sexauer sparkydog  

good ole lo blues

asian superpower (taipei dream) sparkydog  
donnas (for the) sparkydog  
the machines ascend skyward towards the heavenly spheres sparkydog  
feel the spirit machine sparkydog  
fire (the last remnants of) sparkydog  


notes: experimental, lofi, electro-folk rock. the cd received good college radio airplay, and some great reviews.

"asian superpower" made few college radio top 20 lists. several songs were featured in CMJ CD compilations.


Recommended Tracks:

asian superpower, sexauer, fire.



Soul Shine (Transistor, Baby!) (2001)


Album Tracks & Download

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Song Band Comments
hard to tune sparkydog  
right by you sparkydog  
honey on the vine sparkydog  
bright apple sun sparkydog  


marigold sign sparkydog  
soul shine sparkydog  
starchild sparkydog  
graham crackers sparkydog  
arlo sparkydog  
the river runs on sparkydog  
even so sparkydog  
gardens at night sparkydog  
transistor (reprise) sparkydog  
misbeliever sparkydog  
the end of us all sparkydog  
someday sparkydog  


notes: early lofi sparkydog work - recorded mostly on 8 track ADAT. received airplay at over 150 college radio



Recommended Tracks:

transistor, bright apple sun, marigold sign, starchild, misbeliever, someday



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