Superorganica:Open Systems Proposed Projects

The Taigaa! Movie

We have a script outline for a wacky Taigaa! movie - more to come.

The Free Music Project

Create a free universal archive containing the sum total of human musical expression, and solicit contributions to it. Approach individuals and organizations about contributing music to the Free Music Project, for example the estate of Woody Guthrie, post their respective contributions to our website, and publish an updated contributors and non-contributors list. The purpose of this philanthropic project is to inspire a global endeavor to collect, preserve, and create a permanent and easily accessible record of all of the contributions that musicians have made to the betterment of human culture and civilization. Hopefully the selfless grandiosity of this project will help to put in perspective the greed of most record companies and for-profit musicians, and possibly it will shame them into making a free content contribution to the project.

The Open Studio Network (Music Underground Railroad)
Create an open network of audio engineers and DIY music labs that will offer free studio recording, live music recording, music production, and audio mastering services to struggling and/or impoverished musicians, in exchange for their non-commercial contributions to the Superorganica project.


Create a modern day music recording and preservation project, similar to Alan Lomax's field recordings for the Smithsonian Institution, that will create a contemporary archive of "found" musical culture. For example, we could record the "Get F--ked Up" guy (a homeless guy who hangs around Churchills in Miami). Anyone with a low cost digital music recorder or even casette tape recorder could participate in recording found musical graffiti worldwide.


Create a division of Superorganica that re-records public domain songs under the Creative Commons license e.g. "The Shanghai Noodles Head South : A Tribute to Lightnin' Hopkins". The purpose of this project is twofold, first to create a renewed public interest in the many lost classics that inhabit the public domain and, in so doing, draw public attention to the high quality of public domain content, and, secondly, to undermine any future attempts by for-profit interests
to repackage and recommoditize these free and open assets.We will also link and find all good quality public domain content and repost to the superoganica site. By sifting and cherry picking through available public domain media, we can create a lot of ipod fuel quickly.


Create a division of Superorganica that re-records public domain children's songs, stories and nursery rhymes under the Creative Commons license, for example "Woof : Sparkydog Presents Prokofiev's Peter and the
Wolf", as well as collects and collates public domain and free content materials for inclusion in free media bundles that well be donated to schools and educational organizations. We can perhaps tie this into the One Laptop For Child Project.