Superorganica:Magic Leap

The Magic Leap

We need and want artists to take what we're calling the magic leap - to jump in and not exactly know what will happen here, but know to know that the direction is good and the ethics are sound. By distributing all of the Superorganica media through the Creative Commons Share-Alike license, we are permitting a wide array of non-commercial use and participation, while at the same time we reserve the rights for commercial aspects (if they are ever needed or make sense to utilize). We want the billions of people on earth to freely access and enjoy the media we and our collaborators create - but we are not giving commercial corporations the right to have their way with what we produce. We want to direct connection between the artist and the listener/viewer/participant. We want and interactive and positive exchange loop - an open system.

Why Take The Magic Leap?

Kerouac discussed the paradoxical connotations of "upbeat", "beatific", and the musical association of being "on the beat." The Beat writers emphasized a visceral engagement in worldly experiences combined with a quest for deeper spiritual understanding. We are looking for those great artists who are motivated and driven by something other than monetary compensation - you create because you have to and need to and have something to say. We believe that the music, arts, film, and media industry is due for a solid deconstruction - we need to get back to raw first principles and build it back up differently. We do believe that some model will emerge that will compensate the artists and creators in a fair and good way - but by taking the magic leap you acknowledge that first we must wander in the desert a bit and get back. If we can build a open systems network of hundreds or thousands of collaborating artists worldwide, and attract millions of users/fans/participants, something will work out. We believe that the magic leap matters - we need to worry first and last about what we are creating - if we do that well, the rest will follow.

You're Just Crazy and Naive Idealists

Maybe. So were the people that kicked off GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, Google, The United States of America.....